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What Is Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning?

Definitions from Oxford


  • a type of artificial intelligence in which computers use huge amounts of data to learn how to do tasks rather than being programmed to do them.

Teach Yourself Machine Learning

This is a roadmap and resource pool to become a self-developed professional in Machine Learning, starting from the basics and working all the way up to advanced concepts.

Pick and choose what you want to learn. You don't have to do them all. Learn your own pace, before, during, or alongside your journey developing and interacting with AI.

If you're hitting a wall or having trouble digesting course material, try enlisting one of our FOSAI Tutors, found in our free prompts section. This prompt can be applied to any GPT to provide a learning companion and custom tutor tailored to your subject, topic, project, or goal.

1. Computer Science

2. Mathematics

3. Learn Python

4. Data Structures, Algorithms, and Complexity Analysis

5. Learn The ML Tech Stack:

6. Machine Learning and AI

7. Hands-on Data Preparation and Problem Solving